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About Mariposa County Trails Day

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June 3, 2023 marks the 2nd Mariposa County Trails Day! This date is part of a national celebration of non-motorized trails.  We have much to celebrate in this regard in Mariposa, and this June is a good time to do it. This year, the event showcases the Mariposa Creek Parkway . This should be a fun and informative day!


Our morning venue is the County Art Park and will provide a wide range of county and civic organizations, plus some private individuals, interested in our trails. They will offer their trail perspectives  ranging over public health, new trail projects, conservation, trail maintenance projects, and much more.  The day begins at nine am with time to visit the participants' tables at the Art Park.  Snacks are available in the Art Park.  A food truck will be in sight. 


In the afternoon between from 1-2pm,  there will be a fun run and hike  along the Parkway.  There will be a sign up at the MCTD information table. (We shall post the details of the activities in May.)



Let’s celebrate the better days and better ways that we have to look forward to.  It has been a long time!

Let's celebrate together!

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